These Are...

The perfect gift for someone that needs nothing.

This revolutionary design improves upon the current status quo of contemporary Package Design. By offering not one, but two stylish color schemes, this product (or lack thereof) allows for public debate around subjective values.

Two Schemes
Unique Design
Quality Materials

The brightest, most vibrant packages yet.

The Thereof inner material is made from high quality cork that is CNC milled to create the perfect streamline curved forms. The cork is then coated with flocking (synthetic fibers) to give its vibrant colors and velvet smooth texture.

Tough. Smooth. Contained.

Limited only by imagination.

The organic shapes in the design is intended to present a missing object that would afford little to no friction when held, implying speed and ease of movement.

The package itself offers quality protection due to the interior strength of the cork and the soft surfacing provided by the flocking, which reduces scratching.

The flock is applied with a water based adhesive that meets environmental safety standards and is also water resistant.

This packaging is energy efficient and therefore does not require batteries.

Water Resistant
Sustainable Materials
Compact Design
Energy Efficient